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Valentines Couples Seafood Extravaganza Celebration
If you LOVE seafood...
Friday, February 14, 2020
$160 per couple
Sold Out!

Celebrate a Valentine's Evening to remember with that special someone!  Chef Pam is announcing her 3rd Seafood Extravaganza but this one is in honor of Valentine's Day.   The evening will start with the traditional New England clam chowder and then on to Chef Pam;s secret recipe for mouth watering baked stuffed shrimp.  The next course will pay homage to Maryland with the famous crab imperial dish.  The final course will be 3-4 ounces of lobster meat with lemon drawn butter from a 15 lb lobster, the star of the show, flown in from Maine the day of the event.  The sweetheart celebration would not be complete without ending with a little something sweet.  Chocolate salted caramel tart with sugared raspberries will finish off the five course meal. A celebratory Prosecco champagne toast to your loved one and the love for seafood will end the evening complimentary from Chef Pam.

This night will be different from Chef Pam's other classes.  You will be her guests and she will prepare all five courses for you. She will come table side to explain each one in detail as they are served.  Don't miss this very special Valentine's Day evening at Chef Pam's Kitchen!

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